Though this blog has focused on late onset motherhood over the years, later dads have been key parts to the story all along, most of them partners to later moms. As a single gay dad to newborn baby Wyatt at 52, Anderson Cooper puts later dad-hood in a new focus.

Himself the child of later parents (his mom Gloria Vanderbilt was 43 and his dad Wyatt Cooper was 39 when he was born), AC will participate in the reinvention of fatherhood occurring all around us, but, given his big job, in a context of great luxury of means but sharp limitations on time. Anderson, whose mom died at 95 in June 2019, will be assisted in co-parenting by his ex. And though WC will be officially raised by a single dad and a male co-parent, he’s likely to benefit from a lot of female assistance, in the form of nannies, housekeepers, and, of course, the unnamed surrogate mother and the egg donor.


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