Today’s New York Times ran a solid defense of the real mom bod (Can a Mom Get a Break?), by a new later mom of three who happens to be the editor at the Hollywood Reporter – and the former editor of Us Magazine, Janice Min.

As she notes, as past-Us editor she’s partly responsible for the delusion we suffer nationally that all moms should be slender seconds after delivery. Flash to cover photos of celebs who do make the quick change. If Beyoncé can, why can’t you?

Well, great for those who can. But for most moms, including many celebs, it takes a while. And no-body needs to feel bad about doing the hard physical work of carrying and bearing the next generation. Cut out the mom bod mockery! R E S P E C T it with a friendly smile.

Can’t find a better illustration than this cartoon from Mikhaela Reid

And here’s a blog devoted to respecting (and normalizing) reality, from many angles, combined with encouragement for getting back in shape in reasonable time, per your bod: The Shape of a Mother


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