Nancy Pelosi

While the common wisdom holds that women need 33% of Congressional seats before we reach the critical mass that can get “our” issues a hearing, maybe we can do it with the current 16-17%. The push-back that even the 16% encounter could itself have a multiplier effect, encouraging more push-back to the push-back.

For instance, if enough people are tired of the many bad effects of our current lack of a national system of good, affordable child care, and rise in support of Pelosi’s initiative, good things could happen. Including education for the kids, work access for the moms, and jobs for the teachers and construction workers involved in building and running the centers, as discussed here recently…..

So far, few details from Pelosi on how and when, but she points to the health care model. Some dispute on the horizon? Better than no discussion at all. Bring it!

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