Here’s a lively summary of the last 50 years of change in the gendering of work & the recent lack of change in the rates of women’s participation in the paid work world, by sociologist and blogger Philip Cohen (familyinequality.wordpress.com):

Cohen particularly focuses on the need to move men into traditional “women’s work” to balance out the move of women into traditional “men’s work.” That would be key to re-valuing all the necessary tasks — but part of that would also mean paying (both women and men) more for that historically underpaid (or unpaid) family labor.

He does feature the need for more support for childcare at the close – along with reduced work hours and paid family leave. I’d of course put even more emphasis on the need to expand access to good, affordable care for all families, from 3 months on and mimicking the full time work schedule (8:30 to 5:30, 12 months of the year).

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